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Taking it slow gives baked beans a kick

By JOHN BERRY Times Herald Staff Baked beans seem like something that should be vegetarian friendly without much effort, but to buy them in the store takes effort. A few brands have one variety of vegetarian baked beans, but most have bacon or pork or some other part of a pig. A little experimenting...

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Red Robin Adds World’s Hottest Pepper to Its Burger Roster

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Red Robin Adds World’s Hottest Pepper to Its Burger Roster

If the summer heatwave isn’t hot enough for you, head to Red Robin to have the hottest summer ever. The casual dining

Ghost Burger from Red Robin

FIERY GHOST This combo of ghost pepper sauce with both fresh and fried jalapeños will have you seeing things.

chain just became the first of its size to offer one of the world’s hottest peppers on record, the ghost pepper, on its menu.

Red Robin is challenging diners to test their tongues by adding two burgers to their roster. The first is the Fiery Ghost — a burger with ghost peppers plus fried jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. The second is the Cry Baby, which, according to the press release, combines “crispy onion straws tossed in a unique Sriracha dry seasoning with even more onions sauteed in Choulula Hot Sauce.” For a little more fire, its topped with ghost pepper ketchup.

According to the Scoville Scale, which measures the heat of hot peppers, the ghost pepper (a.k.a. Bhut Jolokia) hits 1,000,000 heat units. Compare that to the Habanero chili, which falls at around 100,000, or the jalapeño, which only scores about 3,500 to 8,000. The next step above the ghost pepper is pepper spray, which we all know is something to avoid.

8 Hot Sauce Myths

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“I just ate the worlds hottest hot sauce!”

Any sauce that says it is the “World’s hottest” and it isn’t 16 million scoville units is lying to you. It is highly unlikely that you will eat it and I do not recommend that you do, but it is a sauce none the less. And since it is 16 million scoville units it is not possible to get any hotter. Unless of course you eat lava and I have heard the two compared and most of the time people will choose the lava.

Health Choices to Remember Next Time You Cookout

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Burgers ‘n Dogs

Hamburgers and hot dogs are a big part of summer eating but they don’t have to be a diet disaster. Start with a 100% whole wheat bun instead of white for a healthy dose of fiber and watch the fat content of the meat. The average beef and pork hot dog contains about 180 calories and 17 grams of fat before you add a bun and toppings. Turkey dogs are tasty and won’t sabotage your diet—you can have two of them for less than100 calories. If you’re going for a burger, stay away from the high-fat toppings like cheese, mayo and bacon. Choose cheese slices made with skim milk to reduce the fat content and load your burger with mustard and fresh veggies instead. Here’s the burger ‘n dog breakdown:

All Blair’s Death Sauces in one buy save $$$

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Don’t Fear Death

All the Death and destruction Blair has to offer in one buy, save $8 when you purchase all at the same time

Blairs Death Sauce Creator Reacts to Spike in Collector Series Demand

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HIGHLANDS, NJ, Jul 20, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Hot Sauce legend Blair Lazar’s hot sauce and snack

Blair's 3AM reserves

3 a.m. Reserve is the Second in the Series of Blair’s A.M Items and is always a sought after Chili head Collector Piece… The name Originates from when Blair was in the Bar Biz. 2 a.m. was the closing time and this was the closest thing to legal he could use to get the drunks out of the bar.

company was founded in 1989, by the then 19 year old, and funded with a mere $550 in tips earned from his duties tending bar on the Jersey Shore. Since then, Lazar has turned Blair’s Sauces & Snacks into a global phenomenon of all things fiery hot. Lazar’s recent appearances on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, and the always well-attended chili head gathering, The Fiery Food Show in New Mexico, have propelled him to rock star status amongst legions of spicy food aficionados around the world, and made him the go-to guy for extremely hot delights in the specialty food business. And business is good.

If you like Blair’s Hot Sauce Check out what Andy has to offer

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Check out all of Blair’s hot sauce by going to Andy’s Hot Sauce

About Blair’s from Blairs’ Blog

First of All – Thank you for your amazing emails and sharing your stories with me. (If I have not yet responded I will). The last year has been a crazy time in Death Sauce land… Whats new?? Amazing New Coffin boxes, Golden Death, New Labels For all Death Sauces, Feel Alive Jerky, All new Salsa, Queso, and Wing Sauce…. Coming soon, Hot Pretzels, Super Spicy and amazing Pasta Sauce, an amazing Rum finishing sauce, New chips and so much more…..

Death Sauce Demand Has never been stronger, In Fact, we are now producing Death Sauces 18 hours a day, 6 days week,(Even Death Rests sometimes) My Death Team and I are Gladly working as hard as we can, As you know, I demand The best of the best in every single Spicy Thing I Do (Yes I am very OCD) Like Life, Our sauces have no short cuts, I will never mass produce (And lose the Handmade Quality) Death Sauces, that have become legand over the last 20 years with Chiliheads around the Planet— Why are we so popular??? —I am certain the biggest reason is simple– YOU — I know, I say that alot but F- It, Fact is Fact, YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN—

Great Hot Sauce Recipe

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1 lb of Habanero
1 Gal of vinegar
Half a cup of salt
4 garlic cloves. Not the small pieces that come off but the entire clove.
Juice of 2 limes
Juice of 2 lemons
3 lbs of tomatoes

Blend everything only ad the vinegar to make it easier to blend about 1-3 cups should be good.
Add the remaining vinegar Cover and let it set for a week. You will probably need a 2 gal bucket.

The best thing is to get a 5 gal glass water jug and a stir plate from Kegkits.com this will allow everything to stir and mix together. The vinegar is going to keep everything from spoiling. The longer the better, Tabasco sits up for 7 years.

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We are now posting to twitter.

And don’t for get to check out Andy’s Hot Sauce for great sauces. It will continue to grow as more and more great stuff is added every day.

4 Healthy Reasons to Embrace the Hot Sauce Heat

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If you love piling the spice on heavy, chances are you’re already aware of the flavorful wonders of hot sauce — we’re big fans of Sriracha and Tabasco over here. But hot sauce offers more than a little kick to your senses, it can actually be a tasty resource for successful weight loss. Here are four reasons to get spicy.

Best BBQ cities

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Central Texas: Austin & Surrounding Hill Country

Here, it’s all about the supremacy of the meat, seasoned simply with salt and pepper and smoked over oak wood. Sauce is discouraged for slow-cooked beef brisket, black and crackled like bark on top and pink-tender within; spicy hand-cranked sausages (known locally as “hot guts”); and hulking slabs of pork ribs, heaped onto plastic trays with pickles and white bread. In Austin, buzzy Franklin BBQ’s Aaron Franklin spends 14 hours smoking his salt-and-pepper-rubbed brisket, which usually sells out in less than three. A classic institution built in 1924, Smitty’s in Lockhart is cavernous and dark, with smoke pits turning out remarkable fatty brisket and leaner shoulder clod, all served sans silverware.